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07 Jul 2015

Lyxor launches an ETF on the US Fed Funds rate

The Lyxor Fed Funds US Dollar Cash UCITS ETF was listed on Borsa Italiana on the 3rd July 2015 in EUR (Bloomberg Ticker: FEDF IM) and is expected to be listed on the London Stock Exchange on the 10th July 2015 in USD (Bloomberg Ticker: FEDF LN) and GBP (Bloomberg Ticker: FEDG LN).

The Lyxor Fed Funds US Dollar Cash UCITS ETF offers exposure to the Solactive Fed Funds Effective Rate Total Return index. This index is representative of the performance of a US dollar notional deposit paying the Fed Rate, with daily reinvestment of interests earned in the deposit.

The EUR and GBP listings of the Lyxor Fed Funds US Dollar Cash UCITS ETF offer investors exposure to USD with a carry equal to the capitalised Fed Rate. Investors already managing liquidity in USD can gain exposure to the Fed Rate via the USD listing on the London Stock Exchange.

Lyxor is one of the leading ETF providers on fixed income with combined assets under management within this asset class of 9 bn EUR and a comprehensive range of investment opportunities*.

*Source: Bloomberg, May 2015