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European Equity ETFs

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Eurozone equities are up roughly 20% from a year ago.* But with macro news flow suggesting an ongoing reflation process, could there be more upside on the horizon?

Some of the political risk has eased following the receding populist wave in the Netherlands and France. Investment is increasing, profit margins are improving and buybacks are on the up. High dividends and relatively attractive valuations could prove tempting. Meanwhile ECB support is assured, and fiscal expansion is more likely.

Some caution is prudent however, with Brexit and lingering uncertainty in Greece, Germany and Italy. Prepare for potential political upheaval with minimum variance indices, or ride the political wave if you're feeling confident.

*Source: Lyxor Cross Asset Research, as at 18/05/2017.

European equities could be the main story of 2017

Mathieu Mouly Matthieu Mouly, Head of Lyxor UK and Global Head of ETF Sales

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*Source: Lyxor International Asset Management. $59.6bn in assets under management as at 23/05/2017. Source for liquidity data: Bloomberg, over period April 2016.

**Source: Lyxor International Asset Management, data as of June 2017.

*** Source: Bloomberg, Lyxor International Asset Management. Lyxor’s Efficiency Indicator, data from December 30 2015 to December 30 2016. The rationale and construction of the indicator are detailed in an academic paper published by Thierry Roncalli, Head of Research & Development at Lyxor and Professor of Finance at the Evry University, and Marlene Hassine, ETF strategist. The academic paper can be downloaded from SSRN: or from REPEC

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