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141 results
ETF NameISINTypeLanguagePublication DateSizeDownload
KID-Lyxor EuroMTS All-Maturity Investment Grade (DR) UCITS ETFLU1650490474KIIDEnglish23 Nov 2017197 Ko
KID-Lyxor EuroMTS Inflation Linked Investment Grade (DR) UCITS ETFLU1650491282KIIDEnglish23 Nov 2017198 Ko
KID-Lyxor FTSE USA Minimum Variance UCITS ETFLU1646362167KIIDEnglish09 Nov 2017196 Ko
KID-Lyxor FTSE 100 UCITS ETFLU1650492173KIIDEnglish09 Nov 2017196 Ko
KID-Lyxor FTSE 100 USD Monthly Hedged UCITS ETFLU1650492504KIIDEnglish09 Nov 2017195 Ko
KID-Lyxor MSCI Korea UCITS ETFFR0010581447KIIDEnglish06 Nov 2017186 Ko
KID-Lyxor MSCI Korea UCITS ETFFR0010581447KIIDEnglish06 Nov 2017186 Ko
KID-Lyxor JPX-Nikkei 400 (DR) UCITS ETFLU1646359452KIIDEnglish21 Sep 2017196 Ko
KID-Lyxor JPX-Nikkei 400 (DR) GBP Daily Hedged UCITS ETFLU1646359619KIIDEnglish21 Sep 2017197 Ko
KID-Lyxor JPX-Nikkei 400 (DR) USD Daily Hedged UCITS ETFLU1646359882KIIDEnglish21 Sep 2017197 Ko
KID-Lyxor SG Japan Quality Income UCITS ETFLU1662633525KIIDEnglish22 Aug 2017194 Ko
KID-Lyxor iBoxx $ Treasuries 1-3Y (DR) UCITS ETFLU1407887162KIIDEnglish16 Aug 2017197 Ko
KID-Lyxor US TIPS (DR) UCITS ETFLU1452600270KIIDEnglish16 Aug 2017193 Ko
KID-Lyxor UK£ 10Y Inflation Expectations UCITS ETFLU1549300439KIIDEnglish16 Aug 2017196 Ko
KID-Lyxor FTSE UK Quality Low Vol Dividend (DR) UCITS ETFLU1603457992KIIDEnglish16 Aug 2017195 Ko
KID-Lyxor China Enterprise (HSCEI) UCITS ETFFR0010204081KIIDEnglish24 Jul 2017185 Ko
KID-Lyxor $ Floating Rate Note GBP Monthly Hedged UCITS ETFLU1571052304KIIDEnglish19 Jul 2017195 Ko
KID-Lyxor $ Floating Rate Note UCITS ETFLU1571051751KIIDEnglish30 Jun 2017194 Ko
KID-Lyxor Dow Jones Industrial Average UCITS ETFFR0007056841KIIDEnglish23 Jun 2017187 Ko
KID-Lyxor FTSE MIB UCITS ETFFR0010010827KIIDEnglish23 Jun 2017188 Ko
KID-Lyxor Japan (TOPIX) (DR) UCITS ETFFR0010245514KIIDEnglish23 Jun 2017183 Ko
KID-Lyxor Russia (Dow Jones Russia GDR) UCITS ETFFR0011495944KIIDEnglish23 Jun 2017187 Ko
KID-Lyxor Turkey (DJ Turkey Titans 20) UCITS ETFFR0010326256KIIDEnglish23 Jun 2017187 Ko
KID-Lyxor Japan (TOPIX) (DR) UCITS ETFFR0010245514KIIDEnglish23 Jun 2017183 Ko
KID-Lyxor NASDAQ-100 UCITS ETF - USDFR0010446930KIIDEnglish23 Jun 2017187 Ko