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North American Equity ETFs

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Playing a Trump card

The unlikely new leader of the free world won’t hold back if campaign promises of massive infrastructure spending, corporate tax cuts and financial deregulation are anything to go by. Should he get his way in Congress, it could extend an already unusually long expansionary cycle into 2019. 

Valuations are already rich, so you may need to dig deeper for opportunities in domestic-oriented indices or in areas that tend to be more cyclical like Value. Look to Canadian equities should you believe the push will extend. If the push is postponed, or watered down, the reaction could be severe. Prepare for possible turbulence with Minimum Variance indices.

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Buckle up for a bumpy ride, and expect the unexpected

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Marlène Hassine Marlène Hassine, Head of ETF Research

Why choose Lyxor for Developed America ETFs?

Lyxor is the one of the largest and among the most liquid providers of ETFs in Europe*
No other European provider has been running ETFs as long as we have

Our track record in delivering secure, liquid and precise tracking is second to none
We have 14 ways to explore the Developed America equity markets*
Our S&P 500 ETF was the most efficient in Europe in 2016***

*Source: Lyxor ETF, $72.9bn in assets under management as at 23/10/2017. Source for liquidity data: Bloomberg, over period 30/09/2016 to 29/09/2017. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results.

**Source: Lyxor ETF, as at 23/10/2017. AuM figure refers to Lyxor’s equity ETFs exposed to North American indices.

*** Source: Bloomberg, Lyxor ETF. Data is based on Lyxor’s Efficiency Indicator, and refers to period from December 30 2015 to December 30 2016. The rationale and construction of the indicator are detailed in an academic paper published by Thierry Roncalli, former Head of Research & Development at Lyxor and Professor of Finance at the Evry University, and Marlene Hassine, ETF strategist. The academic paper can be downloaded from SSRN: or from REPEC

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