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Get tactical with Short & Leveraged ETFs

Amplify returns and protect against losses*

Tactical tools for tactical minds

2017 threatens more of the upheaval that so characterised 2016. A host of known unknowns await, including the Trump presidency, European elections, Brexit negotiations and a new government in China to name but a few.

It’s hard to say where markets might go next. It’s simpler to say we could be in for a rollercoaster ride. Whether you view the potential volatility as an opportunity or a threat, Short and Leveraged ETFs could help.

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Lyxor offers fully UCITS compliant ETFs to short the market or leverage returns

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Arnaud Llinas Global Head of ETFs & Indexing Arnaud Llinas
Global Head of ETFs & Indexing

Hedge yourself with Short & Double Short ETFs

Lyxor’s range of single and double short ETFs – also known as inverse ETFs – provide the inverse or twice the inverse daily performance of their underlying indices.* These strategies serve two main purposes:

Act on your convictions with Leveraged ETFs

Lyxor’s suite of leveraged ETFs amplify the daily performance of their underlying indices by a factor of two.* These strategies have two main applications:

Manage downside risk

Hedge against falling markets

Benefit from falling markets:

Gain from a potential fall, either on a 1-to-1 basis or amplified by a factor of two

Amplify gains

For high conviction views, double your returns

Preserve investment capital

Deploy less capital to achieve the same result

*Please note that both gains and losses are amplified when using double short ETFs and leveraged ETFs.

Learn more about Short and Leveraged ETFs

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Why choose Lyxor

We have 17 ways to go short and 9 ways to amplify long returns across equity and fixed income exposures1
We have the largest range of short, double short and leveraged ETFs in Europe by number of exposures and assets under management1

We were the first in Europe to launch double short ETFs in 2007, and leveraged ETFs in 2006.2
Lyxor is the one of the largest and among the most liquid providers of ETFs in Europe3
No other European provider has been running ETFs as long as we have4
We have a consistent track record in delivering secure, liquid and precise tracking

1Source: Lyxor International Asset Management. $3.9bn in assets under management across long leveraged, short, and double short ETF exposures as at 07/12/2016.

2First double short ETF launched by Lyxor in Europe in January 2007 (Lyxor CAC 40 Daily Double Short UCITS ETF). First leveraged ETF launched by Lyxor in Europe in June 2006 (Lyxor DAILY LevDAX UCITS ETF).

3Source: Lyxor International Asset Management. $53.9bn in assets under management as at 12/12/2016. Source for liquidity data: Bloomberg, over period 30/11/2015 to 30/11/2016.

4Source: Lyxor International Asset Management. First Lyxor ETF launched in Europe in December 2000 (Lyxor CAC 40 UCITS ETF).

Far reaching

Far reaching