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Our China A ETF is ahead of its time

Index provider MSCI recently announced its intention to increase the weight of onshore China A shares in its broad Emerging Market and China benchmarks using a 3-step inclusion process starting this May and ending in November. China A large-cap inclusion will ultimately increase from 5% to 20%, and China A mid-caps will also be added for the first time with a 20% inclusion factor. Accordingly, on 22 March COB, the index of our physically replicated China A shares ETF will switch from the MSCI China A Onshore Net Total Return Index to the new MSCI China A Net Total Return Index. We believe this is the best reflection of how the future China A Shares building block will look post November 2019. In other words, unlike the MSCI China A Inclusion Index – which is built to evolve sequentially in line with MSCI’s inclusion timeline – our chosen index will account for all of the inclusions immediately, so it should benefit from the expected inflows into A shares in the lead up to November. Our ETF will be the first in the market to already include mid cap A Shares, and will be the most representative of the full opportunity set. Investors in our ETF will be exposed to this new index starting 25 March. The name of our unique ETF will also change to ‘Lyxor Hwabao WP MSCI China A (DR) UCITS ETF’ to reflect the new name of the sub-delegated asset manager Hwabao WP Asset Management, formerly known as Fortune SG Asset Management.

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