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05 Oct 2018

New report by Equileap reveals its latest gender diversity rankings

Equileap has released its 2018 Gender Equality Global Report, with a ranking of the top 200 companies leading the world in gender diversity. The independent gender equality research organisation uses criteria such as gender balance in leadership and workforce, equal compensation and work life balance, gender-diverse policies, and transparency and accountability to identify those companies around the world who are accelerating the shift towards gender parity.

General Motors took the top spot, shared by French beauty and cosmetics giant L’Oréal. Societe Generale also fared well, holding its #14 rank worldwide, as well as being the top ranked bank in France and #3 company in France overall. Other key takeaways from the report include:

  • Companies in Israel, Norway and Belgium have the highest average scores for gender equality
  • Of the 200 ranked companies, 28 have published data demonstrating no overall gender pay gap
  • The most improved sector for gender equality in 2018 was Technology
  • Significant progress with regards to disclosure was observed over the past year, with more companies providing transparent data and climbing in the rankings as a result

Read Equileap’s new report to find out which companies are redressing the gender balance

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