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07 Sep 2017

Lyxor China Enterprise (HSCEI) UCITS ETF - Fund merger

Dear Unitholder,

We are writing to you as a holder of units in the " Lyxor China Enterprise (HSCEI) UCITS ETF " Mutual Fund, unit classes C-USD (FR0010581413) and C-EUR (FR0010204081), whose management company is "Lyxor International Asset Management" ("LIAM").

To increase the economic efficiency and liquidity of the C-USD and C-EUR unit classes, it has been decided, at LIAM's request, to merge the C-USD unit class ("Absorbed Class") with the C-EUR unit class ("Absorbing Class") on 12 October 2017.

These unit classes will be merged based on an exchange ratio of 1 C-EUR unit for every 1 C-USD unit.