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Our Approach

Beauty isn’t in the detail. It is the detail

Our experts across the business are all focused on designing the very best solutions for our clients. That’s where understanding the detail is vital.

A huge amount of heartfelt creativity and personal pride goes into every fund we launch. From finding the right exposure, to delivering precise and consistent tracking, we go the extra mile.

How we do things differently

We continually push for newer and better ways to access the markets. We have built exploration and challenge into our way of working, so that our fresh thinking delivers on your investment goals.

  • 1. Identifying the need

    Assessing market conditions to pinpoint new markets and better ways of operating

  • 2. Analysing the details

    Looking at every last detail to ensure funds do exactly what investors expect

  • 3. Keeping risk to a minimum

    The risk management principles we deploy go above and beyond anything requested by our regulators

  • 4. Delivering the best possible performance

    Taking a pragmatic approach to replication ensures a consistent and dependable outcome for investors

  • 5. Creating highly liquid trading conditions

    A comprehensive network of Market Makers and Authorised Participants ensures our ETFs are some of the most liquid in Europe

  • 6. Helping our clients succeed

    Delivering expert insight and a range of useful tools ensures that investors are kept up to speed throughout their journey

Pragmatism, liquidity and quality

There can be no compromise with your investments. You have to know you’re dealing with experts who can help you go the distance. Our long track record and market-leading quality standards mean you can rely on the investments you make, regardless of which of the 220 funds you choose.

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We go the extra mile because we know that only the highest quality funds deserve to win your trust and your money. 

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raphael dieterlen

Raphaël Dieterlen, 
Chief Investment Officer for Passive Asset Management Head of ETF and Index Investments

We’re not afraid to be different

Our focus on efficiency means we take a pragmatic approach to replication. No one form works best in every case so we try to harness the best of both worlds for our range. 

Where we can we keep it simple with physical replication, but where we can improve performance using another method, that is what we’ll do. It might be more painstaking than a one-size-fits-all solution. But the end result is you know every fund uses the method best for that index

Read our guide to pragmatic replication

Going with the flow 

Liquidity is the Holy Grail for any investor. If a fund has high liquidity, you know that you can trade with confidence, as you can buy and sell whenever you need to. You’ll probably see better prices too, as more liquidity attracts more market makers, which means more competition. 

Over the years, we have built up one of Europe’s most extensive networks of Authorised Participants and Market Makers to ensure our funds are well supported in both the primary and secondary markets. Consequently we really do offer you more liquidity than just about any other provider. 

Find out how to trade Lyxor ETFs

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Good liquidity is hardearned. It takes time to build the infrastructure and reach a critical size where your funds become truly liquid.

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​​gregorie blanc

Raphael Zenou, 
Head of Capital Markets, Lyxor ETF 

To be a pathfinder takes…


To know the lie of the land, you have to have been through similar terrain. We have over 15 years of experience of ETF and know how to deliver for your clients.



We always put our clients first. From the indices we choose, to the way we replicate, manage and promote our funds.


We’re driven by innovation, constantly looking for new opportunities, or new ways to help investors face the challenges of the day.


We go the extra mile

Pick your path throughout far-reaching range