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28 Jul 2017

Lyxor climbs higher as Europe’s new number 2


This year, Lyxor ETF achieved the phenomenal feat of becoming Europe’s number two ETF provider. Since then we have gone from strength to strength. In the midst of steep competition, our customer focused, pioneering and tenacious outlook has helped us to progress. As you can see in the tables and chart below, Lyxor ETF not only holds the number two spot by assets under management, but also for net new assets, which means that Lyxor is growing faster than all but iShares with EUR7.7bn1 in new assets. 


Top ten ETF providers in Europe by assets under management (AUM)

Provider Number of ETFs held AUM(US$) – June 2017 %Market Share
iShares 291 302.602 46.7
Lyxor ETF 226 67.813 10.5
Xtrackers 184 63.708 9.8
UBS ETFs 134 42.433 6.5
Amundi ETF 117 37.355 5.8
Vanguard 22 30.161 4.7
SPDR ETFs 100 23.848 3.7
Source 79 21.250 3.3
Deka 43 10.125 1.6

Source: ETFGI as at July 2017 

Where the money is going 

  • Top ten providers by AUM (US $)Top ten providers by AUM (US $)

Source: ETFGI as at July 2017

  • Lyxor inflows by asset class Lyxor inflows by asset class

Source: LyxorETF/ / Bloomberg as at July 2017


Lyxor maintained strong growth since the start to 2017, building on growing investor interest to and reaching a new high of over EUR 60Bn* in assets under management. The ETF industry has seen colossal growth in the 7 months since the start of the year attracting a record Eur 60bn*. The surge in flows has been dominated by equities, with investors favouring these over fixed income funds. Lyxor has secured more than 14%* of all new money flowing into the European market, and 17%* of exchange traded volume since the beginning of the year, cementing our position as Europe’s new number two.

At Lyxor we expect that the European ETF market will to continue its rapid growth, with 2017 already a record breaking year. Every year we strive to improve, and 2017 has been no exception. To date we have launched the world’s first ever green bond ETF, a range of high yield bond and Floating Rate Note ETFs and two new infrastructure ETFs with more hotly anticipated funds coming soon.


*All figures are as of July 2017. Source: Lyxor International Asset Management / Bloomberg.

1 Source: ETFGI as at July 2017

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