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Latest from Lyxor

Latest from Lyxor

14 January 2019: A week of peculiarly British Mayhem

Market sentiment improved last week as trade tensions seemed to ease and the Fed made more dovish noises. This prompted a recovery in bond yields and a softening in the US dollar. In Europe, activity data suggested GDP growth slowed in Q4. Germany may already be in ‘technical recession’ (two quarters of negative growth) while a sharp slowdown is now apparent in France, Spain and Italy. This is forcing the ECB to think again on the pace of its policy normalisation. 

The week ahead will once again be dominated by political developments in Europe with the UK parliament set to vote on Brexit. The week will also mark the kick-off of the latest US earnings reporting season. Even if results are strong, greater visibility on the geopolitical concerns is a pre-requisite for a sustainable rebound in risk assets.


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Week commencing 14/01/2019

Brexit: We still prefer UK gilts if the deal is not approved

The Brexit vote is due to take place next Tuesday. There’s little likelihood of approval. Plan B probably involves delaying the 29 March deadline. Parliamentary willingness to avoid a “no deal” seems greater after last week’s defeats for the government. Away from Brexit, there’s little data of note due, but inflation data is expected to have decelerated across Europe in November.

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Still favouring US banks ahead of the earnings season 

The earnings season kicks off this week with 35 companies listed in the S&P 500 reporting earnings (of which 22 are financials). 64 companies will then report in the week 21-25 Jan. 122 will follow in the week starting on Jan 28. Overall, 221 companies will report over the next three weeks.

China should outperform in Asia

China’s December trade data will be the main focus (Monday). The key question is whether the recent front-loading of exports ahead of a potential US tariff hike in March has run its course. Recent progress on trade talks, and the more optimistic tone struck by negotiators, suggest there may be room for a partial agreement such as an extension of the 1 March deadline.

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