Lyxor ESG USD Corporate Bond (DR) UCITS ETF - Dist

Latest NAV
100.3871 CHF
Performance YTD


Assets Under Management
175m CHF
Dividend Policy
Investment Objective

The Lyxor ESG USD Corporate Bond (DR) UCITS ETF - Dist is a UCITS compliant exchange traded fund that aims to track the benchmark index Bloomberg Barclays MSCI USD Corporate Liquid SRI Sustainable Index. The index is representative of the performance of USD denominated, investment grade corporate bonds issued by US and non-US corporates, with maturities of at least 1 year. The index only includes issuers with an MSCI ESG Rating of BBB or higher, and negatively screens issuers involved in certain values-based business involvement criteria, including activities related to controversial military weapons, and those with a “red” MSCI ESG Controversy Score. Further index details and methodology may be found at Lyxor ETFs are efficient investment vehicles listed on exchange that offer transparent, liquid and low-cost exposure to the underlying benchmark index.


Lyxor ESG USD Corporate Bond (DR) UCITS ETF - Dist


Performance history


The figures relating to [past performances / simulated past performances / past performances and simulated past performances] refer or relate to past periods and are not a reliable indicator of future results. This also applies to historical market data.

Cumulative Performance

Product YTD 1M 3M 6M 1Y 3Y 5Y ALL
Lyxor ESG USD Corporate Bond (DR) UCITS ETF - Dist ETF 0.14% -0.26% 0.16% -1.21% -2.49% - - 5.24%
Bloomberg Barclays MSCI USD Corporate Liquid SRI Sustainable Index Benchmark Index 0.19% -0.25% 0.2% -1.13% -2.32% - - 6.19%
Data as of 04/03/2021, Source: Lyxor International Asset Management

Calendar Performance

Product 2020 2019 2018 2017
Lyxor ESG USD Corporate Bond (DR) UCITS ETF - Dist ETF 0.22% - - -
Bloomberg Barclays MSCI USD Corporate Liquid SRI Sustainable Index Benchmark Index 0.38% - - -
Data as of 04/03/2021, Source: Lyxor International Asset Management

NAV History

Date NAV Currency Fund AUM
04/03/2021 100.3871 CHF 175m CHF
03/03/2021 100.0587 CHF 174m CHF
02/03/2021 100.2979 CHF 178m CHF
01/03/2021 100.0824 CHF 176m CHF
26/02/2021 99.4545 CHF 175m CHF

Dividend History

Date Amount Currency
09/12/2020 1.45 USD
08/07/2020 2.09 USD
11/12/2019 1.51 USD
10/07/2019 2.45 USD
11/07/2018 2.41 USD


This ETF uses physical replication to track the performance of the index. As such, the holdings of the ETF reflect those of the benchmark index.
You can read more about our approach to replication in our pragmatic guide to replication.

Name Currency Weight
CVS 5.05 03/25/48 USD 0.41%
GS 6 3/4 10/01/37 USD 0.33%
CVS 4.3 03/25/28 USD 0.33%
ABBV 4 1/4 11/21/49 USD 0.27%
CVS 4.78 03/25/38 USD 0.25%
ABBV 3.2 11/21/29 USD 0.24%
MSFT 2.525 06/01/50 USD 0.24%
AAPL 2.4 05/03/23 USD 0.23%
DELL 6.02 06/15/26 USD 0.22%
DT 8 1/4 06/15/30 USD 0.22%
Name Listing Currency Quantity Weight
C 1.678 05/15/24 USD 1,010 0.55%
ABBV 2.6 11/21/24 USD 749 0.42%
CVS 5.05 03/25/48 USD 627 0.41%
MS 3.7 10/23/24 USD 690 0.4%
NOVNVX 3.4 05/06/24 USD 688 0.4%
GS 6 3/4 10/01/37 USD 509 0.39%
CVS 4.3 03/25/28 USD 625 0.38%
V 3.15 12/14/25 USD 649 0.38%
GS 3 04/26/22 USD 699 0.37%
AZN 2 3/8 06/12/22 USD 650 0.35%

This funds does not use sec/lending

Index Information

Full Name Bloomberg Barclays MSCI USD Corporate Liquid SRI Sustainable Index
Index Type Performance
Index Bloomberg Ticker I35003US
Index Currency USD
Number of Index Components 1444


Coupon Rate (%) 3.5
Yield (%) 1.9
Duration (Years) 7.93
Modified Duration (Years) 8.02
Maturity (Years) 11
Convexity (%) 1.25
Data as of 03/03/2021

Index Composition Breakdown

Sector Breakdown

Financials 41.35%
Health Care 15.79%
Technology 13.59%
Communications 7.38%
Consumer Discretionary 5.01%
Consumer Staples 4.43%
Energy 4.43%
Utilities 3.17%
Industrials 2.65%
Others 2.21%

Currency Breakdown

USD 100%

Maturity Breakdown

1-3Y 17.12%
3-5Y 18.23%
5-7Y 13.9%
7-10Y 16.55%
10-15Y 4.2%
15-25Y 13.85%
+25Y 16.16%

Ratings Breakdown

AAA 2.95%
AA 9.85%
A 37.85%
BBB 48.52%
BB 0.78%
NR 0.06%

Countries Breakdown

United States 78.27%
United Kingdom 8.31%
Japan 3.7%
Canada 3.15%
Spain 1.11%
Switzerland 1.07%
Netherlands 1.02%
Australia 0.96%
France 0.93%
Germany 0.61%
Guernsey 0.47%
Ireland 0.2%
Luxembourg 0.05%
Bermuda 0.04%
Data as of 02/03/2021, Source: Lyxor International Asset Management


Main Fund Characteristics

ISIN LU1285959703
Share Class Currency USD
Assets Under Management 174.8m CHF
Total Expense Ratio 0.14%
Dividend Treatment Distribution
EU-SD Status In Scope
Fund Type SICAV
Domicile Luxembourg
Replication Method Direct (Physical)
Sampling Yes
Securities Lending No
Umbrella AUM 12,509.2m CHF
German Tax Transparency Yes
Financial Year End 31/10/2021
Portfolio Managers Raphaël Dieterlen, Jean-Marc Guiot
Inception Date 08/09/2015
Minimum Investment 1 Share

DISCLAIMER: This fund includes a risk of capital loss. Investors therefore may not recover all or part of their initial investment. The redemption value of this fund may be less than the amount initially invested. In a worst case scenario, investors could sustain the loss of their entire investment. Be sure to read carefully the Key Investor Information document, and the “risk factors” section of a fund’s performance to better understand the risks involved.

Trading Information

Exchange Ticker Bloomberg Listing Currency Currency Hedged Listing Date Dividend Policy ADV 3M ISIN Fund AUM in CCY
LSE USIX LN GBP - 25/09/2015 Distribution 423,328GBP LU1285959703 136m GBP
LSE USIG LN USD - 25/09/2015 Distribution 329,302USD LU1285959703 190m USD
BX Swiss USIG BW CHF - 24/05/2019 Distribution - LU1285959703 174m CHF
Borsa Italiana USIG IM EUR - 09/10/2015 Distribution 422,714EUR LU1285959703 157m EUR
BX Swiss* USIH BW EUR EUR 24/05/2019 Distribution - LU1285960032 157m EUR
Borsa Italiana* USIH IM EUR EUR 08/07/2016 Distribution 293,340EUR LU1285960032 157m EUR
Euronext* USIH FP EUR EUR 19/05/2016 Distribution 167,199EUR LU1285960032 157m EUR
*Related Shareclasses

Market Makers

Flow Traders
Société Générale
Data provided by relevant exchanges

Passporting Information

Data as of 04/03/2021, Source: Lyxor International Asset Management


Notice to Shareholders

Notice to Shareholders Annual general meeting of Lyxor Index Fund

Notice to Shareholders

Notice to Shareholders Changes to Lyxor USD Corporate Bond UCITS ETF

Notice to Shareholders

Notice to Shareholders Change of the replication method & Change of the name of the Sub-fund - LYXOR USD CORPORATE BOND UCITS ETF

Notice to Shareholders

Notice to Shareholders Notice to the shareholders of LYXOR INDEX FUND – Lyxor USD Liquid Investment Grade Corporate Bonds UCITS ETF (the “Sub-Fund”)

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