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Rise of the Robots

Investing in Robotics and Artificial Intelligence

Once the preserve of industrials or tech companies, the use of robotics and AI is spreading into other sectors like never before. Little wonder revenues are set to grow rapidly. Our unique ETF uses a bespoke industry classification to identify the next wave of robotics and AI champions. Tracking 150 companies – at least 50% more than competing products – it allows access to more AI leaders, from more sectors, than anyone else.1 And, because our starting universe is defined and refined by experts, you can be sure our ETF won’t get left behind. 

Why Lyxor for Robotics and Artificial Intelligence



The blend of robotics and AI helps future-proof your portfolio



We look beyond Industrials and IT to better capture change



Industry expertise ensures our ETF won’t get left behind


Future proof

Align your portfolio with the technological megatrend

low cost

Low cost

Capture the Robotics and AI theme for just 0.40%1

1Source: Lyxor International Asset Management, as at 17/09/2018. TER correct as at 17/09/2018.

An off-the-beaten track record

As true pioneers, we were the first to market across a wide range of diversifiers. So if you’re looking to add more balance, or an element of adventure to your portfolio, we have the experience you need.

François Millet PREFERRED

Francois Millet, Head of Product Development

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